File Name:UB-Launcher.exe
Support language:Traditional Chinese、
Simplified Chinese、English
Applicable:Windows XP or higher

Universe Browser is created for all of you.

Universe Browser is equipped with the virtual technology of cloud. This is an easy operating and high efficiency browser, and is also your personal computer manager in the internet world.

Quick install

Download the quick install version which can avoid the problems during the installation, and the file size is also very small.


Encryption function can protect all contents of the web pages which are visited, and the safety standard is much better than the international finance internet transfer.

Perfect privacies protection

When you close the browser, the histories of browsing and visiting will be deleted in the same time. Your privacies are never exposure.
  • Customer Service

    24 hours service can help you solve the problems immediately and it's our pleasure.
  • Browse unbounded

    Browse the Web unimpeded and provide a more secure and free internet access.
  • New Tab page

    You can open many web pages on one browser and it makes you to operate fluently.
  • Searcher

    Has search function. You can find the websites fast through Google, Baidu and Youdao.
  • Fast Capture

    Don't want to miss celebration time! Universe browser creates a fast capture function. Only need to click the camera icon which is on the left hand side of the tool bar to capture the visible area. Every important moment can be kept.
  • Bookmarks

    The internet bookmarks will record the websites which are visited regularly. No matter where you go, just need to login Universe Browser, then you can see all the bookmarks which were recorded.



Universe Tunnel

The Universe Tunnel is specially created for VIP.
When to use:black screen of death, blank page, users of GWBN.

How To Use


  • Please use the recommend web address to browse the websites after the tunnel is connected. The websites will connect through the tunnel and "Tunnel connected" will show on the right hand side of the address bar.
  • The tunnel's tab can be closed. It won't affect to use.
  • The list of video connecting line will be blank because video will connect automatically.




Support Windows XP or higher
Internet connection


Intel Pentium 4 or higher
Hard driver space 100MB

Universe Browser